Green Lights for a Joint South and North Korean Team

Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universaide has announced its upcoming Youth Leadership Program set to take place in Gwangju this August invited four young North Koreans, raising hopes for the formation of a joint South and North Korean Team in the Gwangju Universiade.

According to the press release from United Nations Office for Sports Development and Peace, Senior Advisor Wilfred Lemke made a visit to North Korea on the July 6th for a four-day visit and officially had asked for participation of North Korean youths in the upcoming Youth Leadership Program.

Press release added that discussions between Lemke and other sports officials in North Korea had gone smoothly and North Korean officials promised continuous cooperation.

Youth Leadership Program is a joint peace project utilizing sports as a tool between the organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade and the youth program to educate and cultivate future leaders from developing countries.

The upcoming Youth Leadership Program in Gwangju is expected to feature 30 youths from 18 different countries and if North Korea decides to take part in the program, the number of participants will be expanded to 34 marking the first official meeting between South and North Korean youths.

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