Seoul Metropolitan Government to reduce waste from City Hall to zero

Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched a campaign to reduce waste generated in City Hall by up to 80% compared to last year. Effective July 1, the city will get rid of ordinary waste bins in the new City Hall and the Seosomun annex and encourage employees to take part in recycling. 

In an effort to enhance the level of recycling, the city will subdivide recyclable waste bins into those for paper, cans/bottles, PET bottles/plastic goods, and paper cups. Vinyl waste will also be collected as recyclable waste. 

To make employees take part in the campaign more positively, the 10-liter waste bags used for ordinary waste will bear the name of each department, and the amount of non-recyclable waste thrown away by each department will be disclosed regularly. Waste bags will be checked to see whether they include recyclable waste. 

The city will disseminate the zero waste campaign to all affiliated organizations by September. Commenting on the campaign, a Seoul Metropolitan Government official noted how people generally pay less attention to waste occurring in the office than at their homes, since all expenses are paid by someone else and there are waste handling personnel. “The campaign, which was started at City Hall, is expected to spread to large buildings and schools,” he said. 

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