Joining the Day of Buddha's coming Lotus Lantern Festival

Joining Guide for celebrating the Day of Buddha's coming Lotus Lantern Festival

Jogyesa is recruiting foreigners who would like to participate in the Lotus Lantern Festival celebrating Buddha's Birthday.

Hanging lotus lanterns is a way of presenting an offering to Buddha. It symbolizes Buddha's wisdom which shines on our inner darkness caused by anguish and ignorance.

As 122nd intangible cultural property, the Lotus Lantern Festival is a festival that represents Korea and its culture. We eagerly anticipate the many foreigners who wish to spread Buddha's teachings with a lotus lantern in hand.

When :  3:00 p.m. Saturday, April 26th, 2014
Where : Jogyesa (will receive Jogyesa T-shirts and lotus lanterns)
Parade Location : From Dongdaemun to Jong-gak, approximately 3 km.
Recruitment Period : April 1 (Tue) ~ April 20 (Sun), 2014
Who : 200 foreigners, in order of application.
Participation Fee : Free

How to apply : 
1. Name
2. Nationality
3. Gender
4. Contact number
5. Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
After filling in the aforementioned items,
apply via e-mail : jogyesa@hanmail.net

For further information, please contact 02-768-8523

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