'Galbi wa Milbat" nearby Un Jeong Lake Park at Paju

In the old days, Paju (Gyunggi province) was just country side.
However, these days, it has been changed a lot.
From a bridge in Il-San, there is Un Jeong New Town
As its name suggests, there are lots of new apartments in that area.
One of the famous places in this town is a small but beautiful and charming park even though it is not that big as Il-San Lake Park.
Eubi Park, Un Jeong Lake Park, and Un Jeong Geon-Gang Park are connected together and there are various flowers, lake, stream, a fountain and a wading pool for children.

There is a food alley in front of Lotte Castle apartment across from Ga-on Elementary School and it is under construction now. 

Today, I want to introduce a restaurant which is innermostly located; Galbi wa Milbat (Rib and Wheat Field).
There is a huge parking lot, which is very convenient. This store sells not only Galbi (rib) but lunch meal, so usually there are many people. When entered this store, Sutbul dwaeji galbi (charcoal fired-pork rib) stimulated my appetite. 

I ordered Sundubu (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) and Hwangtaetang (Pollack Soup).
Side dishes are Gang dwenjang (soybean paste stew), Kong namul bap (rice cooked with bean sprouts), Dweji galbi (pork ribs) and Yuja salad citron sauce. The Bap is excellent on Gang dwenjang (Soybean paste) because it is spicy but not that salty. Dweji galbi (Pork rib) with Buchu (chives) salad is also great.

Jjigae (Soup) and Tang (stew) were served in Ttukbaegi (earthen pot) and pancake, sweet pumpkin, Beoseot tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork with mushroom), and various Vegetable Side Dishes were also served at table.
Aromatic and savory Hwangtaetang (Pollack Soup with perilla) and hearty Sundubu (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) were 7900 won each.

Even though it might be little expensive for one meal, but thanks to its quantity, side dishes, and Sutbul dwaeji galbi (charcoal fired-pork rib), you are willing to pay that cost.
Galbi wa Milbat (Rib and Wheat Field); a good restaurant for delicious and proper meal.
It is located in front of a park, so you can go for a walk after meal with coffee from the Vending machine. 
Go straight to Un Jeong Lake Park direction through intersection nearby Ga-on Elementary School. Then you can find a food alley.
Keep going until you find the very end of this alley. There is a Galbi wa Milbat (Rib and Wheat Field) on second floor.

Location : Wadong-dong, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do 1400-3 (Ga-on Street 182) 

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