Photo Zone at Mt. Amisan Observatory Installed

The Busan Nakdong River Project Management Office has installed an outdoor deck at the Mt. Amisan Observatory along with a photo zone on the rooftop that provides an excellent vantage point for tourists and residents of the Nakdong River Estuary.

In addition, the information board at the observatory is an excellent resource for visitors as it helps in explaining the sandy plains of the Nakdong River Estuary by providing some history on their origins, the year they were created and more.

The Mt. Amisan Observatory is one of the most popular observatories in Busan and offers the best view of the natural beauty surrounding the Nakdong River Estuary including its sandy plains, migratory birds and sunsets. The shoals in this area are seen in different locations each season and can sometimes be spotted as close as Gadeok-do Island and as far away as Geoje-do Island.

The Mt. Amisan Observatory is equipped with an exhibition hall, information facilities, cafeteria and a beautiful landscape to allow visitors to relax and enjoy their time.

For more information, please contact the Nakdong Estuary Eco Center at (051)209-2054

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