Korea’s Public Sector Basks in the Limelight

Diplomatic Corps in Korea Invited to National Police Agency and Incheon City Hall

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Korea arranged a tour programme for diplomatic corps in Korea and invited them to hear about best practices in Korea’s public sector.

The Interior Ministry is working with many countries around the world as a government body in charge of public administration.

On April 28, the Ministry started its one-day tour programme with the Korean National Police Agency and the Incheon Metropolitan City Government. Members of diplomatic corps in Korea who attended the tour had a chance to visit the two organizations and learn about their best practices and policies.

For this first round of tour on April 28, 34 members of diplomatic corps in Korea from 31 countries, including four ambassadors, attended to visit the National Police Agency and then the Incheon City Hall. After their visit to the City Hall, they headed to the Incheon Free Economic Zone, and toured its PR Center and Integrated Urban Management Center of U-City. U-City is an ICT-driven city designed to deliver quality services to citizens whenever and wherever they want.

Starting from this first tour, a total of six rounds of one-day tours are organized throughout the year, engaging twelve government bodies or public organizations in Korea. The organizations include the Ministry of Government Legislation, the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, and the Ministry of Personnel Management.

As the organizer of the programme, the Ministry of the Interior hopes to share Korea’s development experience by introducing its best practices and policies to the international community and enhance its partnership and cooperation with countries around the world, thereby making its contribution to administrative capacity building and development of the international community.

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