ROK Government Establishes its 2017 Plan on Foreign Grants

The Foreign Ministry held the 2016 interagency meeting on foreign grants on April 29 and established a plan on foreign grants for the year 2017. Second Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul presided over the meeting that brought together officials from about 30 relevant government agencies.

From April 18 till 20, the relevant regional and sectoral sub-committees reviewed and adjusted a total of 1,249 grant projects worth 1.5199 trillion won submitted by 45 government agencies. The 2017 plan is the result of such efforts.

The interagency meeting focused on demands of recipient countries; the validity of the projects; whether there were any overlapping projects and ways to enhance the connectivity among projects. In particular, the sub-committee on development cooperation initiatives held a separate meeting to seek ways to implement such initiatives of the Republic of Korea government in a substantial manner.

In order to attain the main goals -- “an integrated ODA policy,” “substantial ODA” and “ODA to share with others” -- of the ROK government’s basic plans for international development cooperation for the years from 2016 through 2020, the Foreign Ministry will continue to hold the interagency meeting on foreign grants as a platform for seeking ways to implement the foreign grants policy in a less segmented and more integrated manner.

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