Refreshing madness! Handmade Buckwheat Makguksu from "Carrot Squid"

It's monsoon season and temperatures are soaring up past 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the high humidity and heat, the increase of stress and even frustration is inevitable. I was no difference and I was wondering whether there would be a place where I could reduce these almost responsive yet undesirable emotions.

That's when I found this restaurant called "Dang-geun Nakji" (당근낙지) which in direct translation means "Carrot Squid". Yes, not the most "normal" restaurant names, but I walked in nevertheless to wipe the heat off with some "buckwheat makguksu" (메밀막국수).

The "Dang-geun (Carrot) Buckwhat Makguksu" costs exactly 4,900 won, which is unfortunately a 1,000 won increase from a former 3,900. The temperature is apparently not the only thing rising this summer.

The refreshing taste that makes these noodles so attractive hasn't changed though.

Address: Wonmi-gu Jung-dong 1142-20, Bucheon (경기 부천시 원미구 중동 1142-20)

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