American Veteran of the Korean War Visits Gwangju Tomorrow

Welcoming the 60th anniversary of the cease-fire agreement of the Korean War, a veteran from the United States will visit Gwangju tomorrow.

According to the Choonghyun Babies Home Memorial or CBH, a social welfare group based Gwangju, eighty three-year-old George F. Drake is expected to visit the region over two days.

Mr. Drake plans to visit the CBH, which has been recently restored, and tour the exhibitions and memorial centers.

He will also meet with Mayor Gang Woon-tae and discuss the establishment of a memorial for war orphans from the Korean War.

Having been made the thirty-third Honorary Citizen of Gwangju in 2006, Mr. Drake served in the Korean War in 1952 and built an orphanage with his fellow GIs.

He has continued to help Korea after returning to the United States after the War by organizing campaigns to send aid to Korea and holding exhibitions and discussions around the world on the Korean War.

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