BIGBANG’s WORLD TOUR is to be Screening in 3 Asian Countries

BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY WORLD TOUR will get shown at theaters in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan in the upcoming August.

From last March to February this year, BIGBANG went on a world tour, travelling 24 cities in 12 countries and staging 48 concerts, including Seoul’s Final concert. The 1st world tour turned out to be a massive success, bringing in more than 800,000 fans.

Collaborating with such a celebrity crew of a world-renowned events promoter Live Nation, Laurieann Gibson, who directed Lady Gaga’s world tour, Gil Smith, who collaborated with numerous pop icons, visual contents production team Possible Production, BIGBANG’s world tour made a BIGBANG sensation and tickets were all sold out in every country they visited.

The world tour made an unprecedented record and marked a historic record in K-pop. The concerts were at near perfection thank to the introduction of Timecode system and inspired not only music fans but many local artiest.

The heat of the tour will be again delivered to fans because it is going to soon be shown at theaters in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan in August.

Fans will be able to fully enjoy BIGBANG’s hit songs, unique free and powerful performance, fantastic stage setting, and the members’ burning energy resonating with fans across the world.

The film will feature highlights of the concerts, following the long journey of 7200 hours of 328 days. This will surely be a gift for global fans as they will be able to enjoy BIGBANG’s passionate stage non-stop.

Meanwhile, apart from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, plan is that the film is to be released in other countries as well.

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