YG goes hand in hand with Samsung Electronics to launch its official channel on China’s largest video-sharing site Youku

The co-founder of YG Entertainment YANG MIN-SUK embarks on the Chinese market penetration venture as he goes hand in hand with Samsung Electronics to launch an official channel on China’s largest video-sharing website, Youku.

The co-founder of the entertainment agency met with Youku Toudou Inc.’s contents director Zhu Xiang Yang and China’s Samsung Electronics marketing director Park Jung-jun for a ceremony in agreement to launch ‘YG FAMILY CHANNEL’ on Youkou. This website is the largest video-hosting website in China.

The launch of ‘YG FAMILY CHANNEL’ is a pioneer co-project of YG and Samsung Electronics to begin marketing in the Chinese market. Samsung Electronics is the official sponsor of YG’s official channel, and such strategic Korean Wave marketing will strengthen promotions targeted at Chinese youngsters.

YANG MIN-SUK, who said his greetings in Chinese, commented, “For the last decade we had many opportunities in China but we also faced a number of challenges. Thus it gives me great pleasure that we are holding an agreement ceremony finally here with Samsung Electronics and Youku. We will spare no effort to utilize the YG official channel on Youku as a tool to provide individualistic, transparent and exceptional contents to fulfill our role as the cultural bridge between Korea, China and the rest of Asia.”

YANG called his Chinese fans péngyou, which means ‘friends’ in Chinese, and added, “YG is embarking on a journey in China. As YG penetrates the vast land and every beautiful corner of the country, we aim to meet with our Chinese péngyou here.”

YG intends to exclusively provide premium contents – not only the music videos of the agency’s artists including BIGBANG, PSY and 2NE1, but also the video clips of interviews, making of the films, and BIGBANG’s World Tour documentary.

YG’s official channel on Youku dubbed ‘YG FAMILY CHANNEL’ will be officially launched on July 24 at 7 p.m. (8 p.m. Korean time).
YG, planning to establish a branch in China, is to embark on the market penetration project with the launch of its official channel on Youku.

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