Gyeonggi Province ranked at nation’s top job creation project for the elderly

Seventy-year-old Park Chan-ho, who works for Chanirang Babirang (meaning“With side dishes and rice”) of Siheung Senior Club, is as busy as usual in cooking side dishes. While he stayed home after retirement at the age of sixty, he found the opportunity by chance and started to work from his experience as a restaurant manager when young.   

He expressed his satisfaction with his studying for Korean food license, working, and earning KRW 500,000 per month, by saying, “While working, I feel as if I go back to my early days, my loneliness disappears, and I’m getting healthy.”

Seventy-year-old Hong Woo-bang, who has been continuously interested becoming a barista, acquired a coffee barista certificate while working at  Naraehall branch of Coffee N in Hwaseong Senior Club. Now, with  developing his interest, he has a rworks, and earns nearly KRW 300,000 per month. 

Five Senior Clubs within Gyeonggi Province, which are Siheung Senior Club, Bucheon Senior Club, Gunpo Senior Club, Namyangju Senior Club, and Hwaseong Senior Club, were selected as top senior institutions for two consecutive years following last year in Senior Club Assessment conducted by MHW in 2012. 

According to Gyeonggi Province on July 7, these five senior clubs were all rated “A”, the best grade in the assessment conducted by MHW for 96 senior clubs in the country. MHW judges operating conditions of the clubs by evaluating 18 items out of seven fields including project performance, operation of institution, and management of human resources in 2012.

Sales resulted from job creation projects including market-based businesses such as cafeteria, granny restaurant, and parcel service project group launched by these clubs have increased by over 20% year-on-year, and they received excellent grades in terms of per capita pay level, number of participating seniors, and expertise in evaluation. Each club which was  rated as the best are offered KRW 23 million as incentive.  

Kim Bok-ja, the head of Senior Welfare Division of Gyeonggi Province said, “Executing organizations at the front line contributed a lot to Gyeonggi province’s clubs gaining good results in  the nationwide evaluation of senior clubs,” adding,“We plans to carry out a wide range of job creation projects for the elderly including expansion of delivery service.”

Meanwhile, Gyeonggi Province invests a total of KRW 500 million, each with KRW 100 million this year after after selecting five institutions including Namyangju Senior Club as for initial investment supporting programs designed to create jobs in private sector. The province expects that this project will create 600 new jobs for the elderly in private sector for the next 5 years. 

The province plans to invest KRW 57.6 billion in creating 31,384 jobs this year, and as of the end of May, it has offered 13,492 jobs for senior workers. 

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