‘Wondang Gamjatang’ Near Seoul Station

What is the standard for the Gourmet House? 
Does it mean the restaurant has just delicious dishes?
Flavor can be judged very subjectively and hardly calculated, so we cannot easily define the standard. 

‘The food is delicious.’ and ‘the food does not suit my taste.’ are different. 
The expression ‘the food is delicious, but does not suit my taste.’ is possible. 
Therefore, we cannot judge the food by our own view of taste. 

In that sense, the restaurant that would be introduced today is difficult to be introduced as a Gourmet House. 
To get to the point, it was great. However, some customer graded ‘low’.
Nevertheless, this restaurant has always been full of customers. 

We went to see an acquaintance off and visited ‘Wondang Gamjatang’ just behind Severance Building at lunchtime. 
It is Gamjatang (Beef Bone Soup) restaurant. We ordered Ppyeohaejangguk (Hangover Soup with Bones) and Sanchae Bibimbap (Steamed Rice with Assorted Wild Vegetables); the image of the dishes are as follows. (Refer to the picture.) 
Just then, it was lunchtime and the restaurant was about half empty. As soon as we had seats, successive waves of customers poured in. When we left, the restaurant was full. 

Gamjatang restaurant that we visited without any expectation was an ordinary restaurant that served Ppyeohaejangguk with dried radish greens and some bone-in-beef cuts, tasty Doenjang soup, as well as salted shrimps.
This restaurant is also that kind of restaurant. 
Considering the current price, it is not easy for us to have meals for 6,000 won. For that reason, the Sanchae Bibimbap was not bad to eat. 

Soon, I realized why this restaurant had so many customers. 
The reason is that it is open around the clock. 
This restaurant focuses on the lunchtime and the dinner time for the workers in nearby offices. Also, we could hardly find the restaurant was open on Sunday. 

Especially, there is the food court in Seoul Station. Then, few people come out from Seoul Station to have meals and most restaurants near Seoul Station close on Sunday. 
Therefore, the people visited the place come to this restaurant by finding the sign ‘opens around the clock’. 

We enjoyed Ppyeohaejangguk with picking the rib clean. 
Sanchae Bibimbap was simple Bibimbap mainly with vegetables and it can be said to be healthy food except its saltiness. 
The main dish was Gamjatang. Gamja means not potatoes as we know, but the part of the back bone. Therefore, it is called as Gamjatang. 
However, it also includes potatoes. Usually, Gamjatang has potatoes and beef bones. 

Outside of Seoul Station, you can visit Wondang Gamjatang, one of the rare restaurants that are open at lunchtime on Sunday. 
It serves the low-priced food and gives the fast service to the customers, so it is the good place to have a light meal. 
I would like to try Gamjatang and Ppyeojjim if I have the company that have lots of time.

Location : (Sejong-daero 2 gil 7) Namdaemun-ro 5-ga Jung-gu, Seoul , Tel. : 82-2-756-9389

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