Jeju National Games website up and running

Jeju Province recently opened its website for the 95th Jeju National Games, and is accepting ideas from users about how it can improve the service. 

On the site, users can find game schedules, general information, as well as more detailed tourist information. The games also have a dedicated mobile site, with social network programs directly integrated.  

The government is open to receiving the opinions of residents on the site, hoping that the feedback will help improve it, meaning more satisfaction and a better experience for all those participating in and attending the games. 

Any of Jeju’s residents can use the webpage to directly suggest ideas until February.  

Applicants can also request to participate in the organization and running of the games, becoming festival commissioner agents, and helping to monitor events, keeping them on time. Those monitoring the website will pass on all reasonable opinions offered to help with the games.  

The 95th Jeju National Games will be held in Jeju from October 21st to 27th, and will reportedly feature roughly 30,000 athletes.
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