Childbirth Grant to be Offered to the First Child in Yeosu

The city of Yeosu will offer the childbirth grants conventionally given to the third or more children to the first child starting next year.

According to the city, at the fourth provincial council plenary session held yesterday, the ‘Yeosu Child Birth Grant Act’ was revised and the new policy will be applied to new born from January 1st.

Upon the changes in the relevant law, a total of 500,000 won worth of childbirth grants will be given to the first child of each household and 2 million won for the second children.

Since 2006, the city of Yeosu has been offering some 3 million won for the third child and 10 million won for fourth children or more with 2 million won being given for twins.

The revised law is aimed at raising birth rate figures in the city of Yeosu.

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