2013 Youth Job Fair to Recruit 2300 Employees

The Ministry of Employment and Labor has announced that it will host the ‘2013 Youth-Hope Job Fair’ at COEX in Seoul tomorrow.

At the fair, 110 large, medium, and small companies plan to recruit 2300 employees with at least a high school diploma. 

8 subsidiaries of Lotte Group including the Lotte Department Store and Lotte Hotel announced that it will hire 200 administrative and internship positions.

In addition, the E-mart Corporation is expected to employ 200 sales positions while the Hanhwa Galleria plans to fill its positions with 60 female job seekers from a single-parent family.

According to the report ‘Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Employment Trend in 2013 June’ by the Honam Regional Statistics Office, the workforce in Gwangju has been estimated at 730 thousand, up 3 percent than the same period of last year.

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