‘Dal-bit’ Baseball Competition Takes Place in Gwangju

The first Dal-bit Baseball Competition will take place in Gwangju next month.

The Competition refers to a sports exchange event between ‘Dalgubul’ Daegu and 'Bitgoeul` Gwangju, where representative elementary, middle, high school as well as professional baseball teams of each city are expected to compete.

The competition features a wide-range of games including the one between professional teams from both regions, Samsung Lions and Kia Tigers in the Gwangju Bonryang Stadium and Mudeung Stadium from the 9th of next month to the 11th.

In addition, elementary, middle and high school players from Daegu plan to visit the Gwangju’s new stadium and the KIA auto manufacturing plants as well as the National Cemetery for the May 18th Democratic Movement.

City officials stated that both cities have planned a variety of programs to develop the cooperative relationship between the Yeongnam and Honam regions.

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